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Milkshakes are the ultimate dessert. Google search milkshakes auckland.
When you have a good milkshake, you can’t help but smile!

Everyone has their favourite food. But we reckon Milkshakes are the Ultimate Choice, for any occasion! Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. The Flavour Range is Endless


There’s the classics – Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, and Vanilla. Or there’s Lime, Caramel, Mint, Feijoa, Oreo, Lavender, Smores, Cheesecake, Hot Fudge, Pineapple, Cherry, Blueberry, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow… you get the picture! The possibilities are endless!

2. They fill you up!


Milk and Ice-cream is a combination make in heaven (or, Little Red Milkshakery). It’s much more filling than a regular fizzy drink or soda, but doesn’t weigh you down like ice-cream by itself. Why? The milk and ice-cream creates a thick consistency that will help you feel full longer. Read more on the science of this here.

3. You can take a milkshake anywhere.


They’re easily portable and only needs one hand to consume. That means you can have it on the go – and you can easily sneak it into the movies (we won’t tell on you, promise!). You can take on the world with a shake in your hand!

4. Milkshakes pair well with other foods.


We’re thinking hot chips and burgers. There’s something about the combination of those salty, greasy foods and the creamy, sweetness of milkshakes that makes your taste buds sigh with satisfaction.

5. Happiness in a cup.


Miranda Laurich at theA&P Show. Little Red Milkshakery at events and markets. Dessert food truck.
Little Red Milkshakery bringing smiles to the people at the Warkwoth A&P show, 2019.

Milkshakes brighten your day! They bring back fond memories of childhood and innocence. They bring all the boys to the yard. Milkshakes never fail to delight!

And when you get them from a retro red caravan, it’s an experience all on it’s own.